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Aarti Patel

The workshop was really great! I gained valuable insights into influencer marketing and brand collaboration. I learned strategies to enhance my profile for brand promotion and reach, as well as effective account management techniques. Most importantly, I gained knowledge on working with brands professionally and handling brand collaborations.

Pritishree srichandan

Learned a lot of things within a very short period of time, about growing on Instagram.


Attended an amazing creator workshop covering reel storytelling, Instagram mastery, and effective brand pitching. Eye-opening insights on reel creation and Instagram management. Highlight was the pitch segment, offering clear steps and negotiation tips. Left feeling confident in content creation and brand collaborations. Highly recommend! Thanks, Budding Influencers! - Shristi

Ruchi Patel

It was the best workshop i understand Everything abt it and I changed my all the things abt ig and all just after the motive of workshop

Shreya Gupta

The workshop is great, the lady who is giving all the information, her explanation is very well. There were some things I didn't understand before, but now it's all crystal clear.

Shreya chatterjee

It was incredibly helpful and informative. I gained a lot of knowledge about influencer marketing and how to utilize it effectively.

Relations With Pan India Influencers Right From
Micro to celebrity Influencers


Influencers Trained


Hours of Workshop taken.


Enhance your profile building
Gain deep industry insights
Will assist you in securing partnerships with brands
Monetize your profile effectively
Find out about influencer marketing's potential and reach.
Become an integral part of the influencer community.
Boost your content creation skills and get inspired with fresh ideas.
Boost your camera confidence and own the spotlight.
Assist in discovering your niche for your profile.


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Hours Left

From the curator of the workshop

Ms. Sanober Surani

Co Founder and CMO

Mr. Nadeem Siddiqui

Co founder and CEO

The motivation behind the


Helping micro-influencers build their own unique identities in the rapidly expanding space.


₹ 20000

Media Sample Kit

₹ 2000

Exclusive Pass for Collaborations with Major Brands

₹ 5000

Social Media Planning Ideas

₹ 3000

Leveraging Different Social Media Platforms

₹ 4000

Brand Outreach Strategies

₹ 1500

Profile Evaluation Tools

₹ 2500

Certificate of Completion


What if I am unable to attend the scheduled workshop date?

We understand scheduling conflicts may arise. If you are unable to attend the workshop on the specified date, please contact us, and we will provide information on the future workshop dates.

How do I register for the workshop?

To register for the workshop, simply visit our website and follow the registration instructions provided.

I've completed the payment but have yet to receive any confirmation email.

Please contact our Support Team, and we’ll assist you with any inquiries or concerns regarding your payment.

Can I request a refund if I am unable to attend the workshop?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for workshop registrations. However, we can transfer your registration to a future workshop date.

Is the workshop live or pre-recorded?

The workshop is conducted live, allowing participants to interact directly with the instructors and receive real-time feedback.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

Yes, participants who attend the live workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the program.

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