Today’s digital age seeks interest. Social Media and the new trendy word “Influencer” have had a deep impact on everyone with passion and will to create something of their own. Be it, someone who likes to dance or someone who likes to dress up, social media has an audience of all sorts who would like to see them. It’s a stage for one and all. 

Well, being an influencer is quite easy. It’s a few clicks to start your account and a few ideas to start creating content. But, when we talk about long-term goals, being an influencer is a profession for many and a business for many. It requires time, effort, and most importantly strategy. You know that is why they say “it’s easy becoming an influencer but difficult to sustain being one”. Now let’s see what difficulties influencers face, shall we?


Being an influencer can be very hectic because at least in the beginning, an influencer has to handle everything on their own. Sometimes influencers may lack management, other times finance or communication. First, let’s talk about financial confusion that an influencer may face. 


When a brand approaches an influencer, he/she does not have a standard rate because every influencer is different. Every influencer charges based on the time they take and the money they invest in content and set-up. Two influencers can not be compared and hence there are no standard rates to pitch when a brand approaches. 


The last point brings us to this one. Since there are no standard rates for influencers, there is often a lot of confusion about what to ask for and how to pitch in front of a brand. You do not want to end up demanding too much that a brand runs away and too little that it does not fit your pocket. 


Since the influencer business is almost all digital it can be very difficult to coordinate all the processes in time. This often leads to influencers not getting paid on time after putting up the content. This affects the morale and the work culture that influencers sometimes have to go through. 



Brand campaigns may have fluctuating requirements and when an influencer is working in the campaign, it might become necessary for him/her to change content too. This can be very difficult and time-consuming and require a totally different perspective than before. 


As the influencers work completely digitally, the communication may not go right and it might become difficult for an influencer to deliver what a brand exactly wants. A clear brief of the requirements and the way it should be done without affecting the creativity and style of an influencer should be easily conveyed when working. 


Some ad campaigns have a strict deadline to complete the content. But sometimes due to fluctuating requirements or unclear communication, the efforts and time may go in vain and the content still does not meet the deadline. This can be really stressful to handle all by one individual. 

Well, now you might have an idea about how everything that is glamourous on screen is not as steady and beautiful off-screen. Being an influencer is just as much work as going to an office and working 9 to 5. The stress and management struggle is real but you know when you have passion from within, nothing can stop you. We ultimately wish to see a smooth working and if you are interested in grabbing a hand of help, reach out to us on and we will be there for you! 

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