Social Media Trends Ecommerce Websites are Adopting.

When was the last time you discovered a brand from Instagram and went on to check their website, added the products to the cart, and splurged? Quite recently? It is the same for all of us. Research and study say that 91 percent of the audience who follows the brand on social media visits their website and 89 percent buy at least something from the brand. 85 percent of these customers refer the brand to their friends and family only to increase the traffic? Do you see the cycle? Quite interesting, right? 

But it does not just happen by itself. E-commerce websites have to give time and effort with a lot of hardcore strategy to work the brand structure out. Today in this article, we will tell you some of the smart moves that e-commerce websites are adopting to gain the benefit of social media and spread effective strategies. 


A lot of brands are open to including influencers in their ad campaigns now. It was not the story 5 years ago because every ad campaign had a face that was known to all and looked up to by only a very few. Whereas big brands like Netflix (although it is not an e-commerce brand) actually use influencers to look relatable and it has worked wonders because influencers’ base with audience engagement is huge and it can only bring leads with the trust and interaction from the influencer’s side. 


E-commerce websites like Myntra or Amazon never uploaded videos. There were just pictures of the models posing in front of the camera. But lately, you may see the videos while scrolling your favorite top. The products are clearer and thus this creates a sense of trust and relatability. Slowly the idea of sharing videos with the customers before buying the product is spreading and I believe it is only for good. Along with that, How-to videos and educational videos in the niche of the website work really well to direct the audience to the website. Quite a strategy indeed. 


E-commerce websites mostly direct their customer reviews and PR to social media because there are a lot of people who are their potential clients looking. This helps them to create an image of the brand and attract more people. This strategy also creates strong customer relations and it feels like the brand cares for you and is available from the point of view of the customer. You can hop onto the trends or share your favorite customer videos on the timeline. Post your ad campaigns or make your page a product catalog, the internet is your canvas, and paint your business so well that it is irresistible. 


Look for a successful business start-up. I am sure they would be on all social platforms. They would have different audiences. Although the content that would be created would be linked and relatable to each platform, the audience always differs by little. Being on multi-social media platforms increases your scope of being seen. More people tend to discover you and it was not the case in previous times when the website was just limited to development and management. Today if you want to sustain, open your arms to whatever the internet has to offer, big or small. 


Imagine going through a social media account and not understanding anything in their niche. Would you stay for long or make an effort to know them unless very necessary? No, right? This was understood by our e-commerce websites quite recently and they started creating content according to what the audience understands and not what they want to say. This creates a big impact on the consumer of the content who is having a bad day or maybe wants to be understood and seen in their requirements. This helps them to come to you when in need of the products you sell and deliver. 

Social media has had a great impact on websites and businesses. It has shaped the recent content marketing strategy and it is going to do so for a very long period from now. It is better to gear up and up your social media strategy because this will take you places. The Internet is a big place for businesses in today’s age and makes sure to benefit completely from it. 

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