Today, consumers on the internet are as active as creators. Consumers know what is being sold to them and they actively stand on their opinions. Studies say that only 4 percent of the people trust what macro-influencers have to say. It is sad but true. 

So, what can a brand do to be true to people in terms of marketing their products? Where do they go? Your answer is Micro-Influencers. 


Micro-Influencers are individuals with a base of follower count from 10,000 to 50,000. These influencers have a specific concentrated niche and they only speak about their interests and people follow them for that purpose solely. Micro-Influencers have a concentrated small amount of audience. These people pay complete attention to what an influencer has to say and this influencer is also in close contact with the audience because they are small in number and easy to concentrate on. 

Because of the high interaction with the audience, these influencers have built trust with people on a personal level and people look forward to their coming up content because they are connected and hence interested. This is rarely found in people with high followers because they already have so much on their plate. 


As we have already mentioned the perks of having a lesser audience, now we will tell you why a brand should prefer these small-scale influencers.

  1. Research says that 92 percent of people trust micro-influencers. 
  2. After this, over 82 percent of people are likely to buy something that a micro-influencer recommends. ‘
  3. Micro-Influencers know their consumers on a more personal level and hence they know what to create and how to send out your products in an interesting manner. 
  4. The lead generation capacity of a micro-influencer is higher than a macro influencer because of the targeted audience and higher engagement. 
  5. Micro-Influencers have more reasonable ranges to work with and they are interested to collaborate if your product is friendly to them and their values. 

This sums up how effective your word can spread via a Micro-Influencer. 


Firstly, working with micro-influencers is no different than working with macro-influencers. There are just a few things you would like to keep in mind for an effective marketing strategy. 

Find the one you think knows the audience the best:

The strong point of micro-influencers is that they have a more concentrated audience in the niche and hence effective attention can be drawn to people via these influencers and when you are selecting an influencer for your product, you might want to select the one you think is the most interactive and expressive to their audience because this will help your product reach to the people expected. 

Always take a look at the engagement rate:

You can always see how effective the engagement of an influencer is. Based on this, you will get a rough idea of how much exposure your product is going to get via a certain person. The basic reach percentage of an account or a site should be at least 10 percent. Another tip from our side would be checking their comments, likes, shares, and other interactive platforms. 

Don’t target just one influencer:

When you are working with micro-influencers, make sure to work with several of them and not just target one because the thing with micro-influencers is that they are almost connected and when a lot of similar accounts are promoting your business it is more effective on the audience and your brand gains attention that it deserves. 

Make them comfortable:

When you are working with micro-influencers, don’t make them feel like you are with them to sell your products. Don’t make them feel like a salesperson. Make them comfortable and give them creative freedom to express themselves the best to their audience because who knows their audience better than them, right? 

We are sure that this blog must have been a myth burst for you because we all have heard about how brands only target macro-influencers with a million followers and although that is not wrong, this is a more effective way of introducing your product across. At the end of the day, all we would like to say is that we must support creators who work on their best creativity and help them come in the front of the strategies light and gain the recognition they deserve. Let’s make the internet a safe space to come to. 

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